Bikes for use of our guests

We have got two bikes, not new but in good order, one woman’s bike and one man’s bike with a few more gears. They are available for the use of our guests.  You ride out into the South Easter and then let it blow you home! Or take a trip into Simons Town for breakfast […]

Autumn in the Cape

A wonderful time to visit the Cape – no wind, rains beginning and plants starting to shoot again afer the summer fires. Whales to be expected in the next months.

Moonlight over False Bay

Peter and I have been enjoying this glorious view and thought we would share it with those of you who remember your stay here. Best wishes to you all for 2015

The best cappuccino in Cape Town

Anyone visiting Cape Point nature reserve, needs to have a special cappuccino made by our young friend Mbuso Biko, the master barrista at the Two Oceans restaurant and take-away shop. He made it to the finals of the National Barrista Competition and we can’t imagine how he didn’t win! Here are two he made for us recently, […]

Datura in full flower

The Datura next to Fig Leaf Cottage is flowering like never before. Perhaps due to the Arum Lily irrigation pot planted next to it? The irrigation pot (made by Diane) consists of an underground reservoir pot which is unglazed to allow water to seep out slowly as the plant needs it. Here is what the […]

Encounter with an otter

Peter writes Dec 30th  2014: Close Encounter with an Otter! Diane and I were swimming off our beach this morning in waist-high water when I spotted an otter swimming nearby. I stood up and, to my amazement, rather than head away from me it decided to come up close and inspect me. It came to […]

A Hard Day’s Winter

It was so warm last Sunday , 21st July, that Peter even had a swim in the sea. This is a picture of “our” beach in the late afternoon. Now things are back to wintery wet and cold – but still with lovely moments interspersed.

Orcas in False Bay

Last week False Bay was visited by a pod of Orcas. I did not actually see them, they were round near the lighthouse but David Hurwitz, who runs one of the local boat companies, took some amazing photos. There were about 9 of them with one baby. They killed a dolphin – hunting class for the little […]

What a privilege!

Last Sunday afternoon watched the most amazing display from our deck – hundreds of dolphins, thousands of gannets and a couple of whales all after what must have been a very promising shoal of fish. Quite amazing watching this swirling crowd of gannets turn into white “rain” that plunges straight down into the sea.